Welcome to Samothraki Rooms Armonia

Samothraki rooms "Armonia" Welcome to Samothraki and Samothraki rooms "Armonia" composed of wonderful traditional rooms for your stay . The traveller has the opportunity to choose between different traditional double rooms, the rooms are traditionally made according to tradition and colours of the island , the architecture and the natural environment of Samothraki , it is one of the few green islands.
The accommodation, on rooms "Armonia" is located in Therma of Samothraki in the green and the nature of most tourist friendly area of ​​Samothraki. The friendliness of the owner and the tranquillity that it offers and the scenery will make your summer vacation unforgettable . You can enjoy coffee or breakfast on your balcony beneath the evergreen trees that fill Therma.


The rooms:
Rooms are simple without crowding furniture with simple décor that relaxes you for the hours you return for your rest. A magnificent green landscape and nature surrounds the rooms that will impress you.
Room Equipment:
Air Conditioning, Individual Refrigerator, summer kitchen, TV.


Room Facilities
The rooms are comfortable with private bathrooms, comfortable bed and pillows. It has simple and traditional Greek décor.
The rooms "Armonia" to Samothraki, is one of the unique accommodation for your stay in Samothraki offering you its services throughout the year. Our rooms in Samothraki are on the tourist village of Samothraki Therma. Located a breath away you can take the advantage of the hot spas. Also the sea is a short walk from the accommodation so you can easily walk to the beach of Therma.